Project Description

SHARE Regional Food Hub

SHARE Food Program

The study for SHARE is based on an innovative joint venture between SHARE Food Program and Green Village Philadelphia. BWA, along with various design professionals, public leaders, and green advocates were called on to transform an industrial site into a Regional Food Hub. The end product is a conceptual master plan that would apply sustainable design practices and new energy technologies to the five-acre site and 170,000 square foot warehouse located in the industrial center of the Hunting Park section of Philadelphia. The core values of SHARE and Green Village Philadelphia are integrated into the solution and include a phased transition from SHARE’s current building and site uses to a highly refined and integrated facility that would support food access, an urban farm and community marketplace, educational/nutritional opportunities for clients and other non-profits, creation of rental spaces for like-minded non-profits to call home, and increased efficiencies for regional food distribution to meet food security and hunger-based needs.